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Founded in 1986, Maxwell-Kates, Inc. brings its comprehensive team approach to all of our clients. 

We believe the collaboration of our experienced executives, together with the leadership of our boards and the abilities of our resident managers have resulted in productive and well operated buildings.  When working together to accomplish a purpose, building policies are formulated, structural and financial issues get addressed and practical solutions are reached.  At Maxwell-Kates, Inc. we find that teamwork, expertise and commitment to our clients are vital components in the success of our managed properties.  Our up to date technological resources as well as the extensive real estate background of our management team, provide our boards with information so that they are able to make educated and informed decisions.
At Maxwell-Kates, Inc. we use the most up to date and sophisticated technologies available to manage your buildings as effectively as possible.

However, it is our philosophy that, even more important than the technology, servicing our clients is best accomplished by an organization that is built on family values and relies on team work to accomplish our goals. As co-owners of the firm, we share the same office, at facing desks, discussing and solving problems together. We have an open door policy at all times, which encourages our employees to come in and discuss any problems they might be facing, whether business related or personal. We believe that by creating one cohesive unit, like a family, we provide the highest level of service to meet our clients’ needs.